Breadboard friendly Sigfox development board


Custom Sigfox development board for TD1208 and TD1208R  with some improvements:

  • UART header is same as on original (for FTDI cable)
  • breadboard friendly!
  • RESET button!
  • smaller footprint
  • easy soldering of wires
  • jumper for current measurement is shorted out on PCB
  • pin labels

note: electrical design and components are identical with original

For initial testing is original Telecom Design evaluation kit is fine but when you want embed Sigfox module into your own early prototypes then kit is quite expensive solution. Just be be clear such device is not certified and is not possible to build a commercial device on it.










EAGLE schematics + board:

PCB TD1208 (234 downloads)

I am sharing PCB on …
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