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Unfortunately, Sigfox current technical capabilities don’t allow OTA updates so only way how to upgrade via FW is via cable or an own local wireless solution like Bluetooth. TD-Next modules have a nice built-in feature of OTA update which can be used to easily upload firmware to many devices in once without any additional hardware. 

Firmware upload options:

  • Serial interface with TD loader utility
  • SWD interface – J-link cable, EFM32Leopard Gecko or Raspberry PI ( – could be used also in case of dead boot loader unlike other two methods
  • Telecom Design Over the Air proprietary mechanism – Only thing needed is spare TD module (I use 1208 on my dev board) with special firmware in it. This module acts like the broadcaster and it is able to upload firmware in a radius of dozens (maybe hundreds) of meters.


While that is not really remote OTA update it is still very handy.I don’t need to plug cable and I am able to update firmware in enclosed device. In such case, reset could be triggered by a combination of buttons or by a magnetic (reed) switch.


Transmitter FW TD1208 Loader Transmitter Firmware (175 downloads) – upload it via TDloader like usual

I have prepared simple guide how to safely perform OTA update



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